2019 Walk for Wellness House

Last Day of Treatment. First Day of the Rest of Our Lives.
Last Day of Treatment. First Day of the Rest of Our Lives.

Neck and Neck

Nearly a year ago today, I was diagnosed with throat cancer. It was like a bomb had gone off in my life. Terrified, grieving, angry, bewildered, and hurting, I had driven past Wellness House a thousand times and never set foot inside. After my doctors, it was the first place I turned. Inside, I found a world of help and caring. Help for every part of my cancer journey: body, mind, heart, and spirit. For myself and for my family.

Help from experts and others who had survived my cancer. Caring from everyone I met, but most of all from fellow warriors who were waging their own battles with cancer and willing to share themselves and their stories. It was a lighthouse in a ferocious storm. A place of safety in a time of grave peril. The hands of friends in the the midst of great loneliness.

I resolved that my cancer journey would mean something, that it would be only about pain and suffering, but hope and growth. Many thanks to Wellness House, it was. Today I am cancer free and my life is changed.

I cannot imagine surviving cancer without Wellness House. I am helping them raise money for because I think no one should ever have to.

Everything Wellness House does is free to anyone who needs it. The amazing work they do is 100% supported by donations.

On Sunday, May 5, our family will be walking to support the 2019 Walk for Wellness. Our goal is to raise $1500 to help Wellness House help people for all parts of Chicago land live full with cancer and beyond.

If you can join us on May 5, please join our team! Our team name is "Neck and Neck," in honor of, you know, neck cancer.

If can't walk with us, donate with us! Your gift will mean so much to us and to all of the people whose lives will be touched by Wellness House.

With Thanks and Love,

Chris & Lisa

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