2019 Walk for Wellness House

Team Morrison

Why We Walk for Wellness House

This is our 2nd year participating in the Walk for Wellness House.  Thank you to Team Morrison for last year's Big turnout!  Receiving a diagnosis of cancer of any kind is scary and life changing. Wellness House is here, not only to help and support you, but empower you with their programs to live life fully with cancer throughout the process and beyond.

I am so very grateful for all the knowledge and insight that I have received here over the last year and a half. People often ask me, what do you do at Wellness House? Basically, I learn how to take better care of myself as I make this journey through cancer land with the friendship and support of other people walking down a similar path.

I want to personally thank all the staff and volunteers at Wellness House for their kindness and empathy. Thank you for continuing to gently hold my hand, walking with me as the sands sometime shift under my feet and for making this journey not so lonely. I walk for you and for my friends at Wellness House.

All programs at Wellness House are provided at no cost to the participants. We hope you will join me and my family on Sunday, May 5th at the Walk for Wellness House or consider making a donation to our team.

Thank you and be well,
Kim, Pete, Ellie, Andy, Ben, Mary Kate, Abby and Nate Morrison

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