2020 Walk for Wellness House

Barmie's Armies

Our Team is Walking for Wellness House. Here's Why:




Our mission is simple. To walk together, even when we have to be apart.


#NeverWalkAlone is something Barb and I [Jamie] strive to achieve: to walk together with each other and our participants. We see, every day, how important our programs and services are to our community so we are asking our friends and families to join us!!

We were very clever and combined our names as a joke weeks ago, and now it has kind of stuck - BAR [Barb] and MIE [Jamie] and you, our supporters, are our Army... BARMIE'S ARMIES! We will all come together as one to Walk!


No matter how someone has been affected by cancer — maybe they've been diagnosed, have a family member who’s living with cancer, or are a caregiver — you're welcome at Wellness House. Learn new skills, get information, and join others when you take classes, practice healthful living, reduce stress, and more. All Wellness House programs and services are led by experts, designed to prepare and empower you to fully live life with cancer. All at no cost to you.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Wellness House quickly adapted programming to be accessible online, so people affected by cancer can continue to access life-changing programming from the comfort and safety of their homes.

You can't put a price on what Wellness House provides. So we don't! All of our programs are at no cost and because of donations from YOU, Wellness House will continue to thrive! Thank you for supporting our Team, and making a difference for people affected by cancer in our community!

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