2021 Walk for Wellness House


It's 2021 and Wellness House is still making strides to reach the most people affected by cancer in the safest way possible, given the pandemic.  Remote learning, support, exercise, cooking classes and more has been a godsend and the people we serve are more than grateful that their support did not have to miss a beat because of Covid.


I retired from Wellness House at the end of 2019 and remain committed to this amazing organization because I know the impact they have on thousands of cancer patients each year, supporting each and every one of them on their journey with cancer in the ways that is most meaningful for them.  There is no one size fits all.  Participants get to choose their path based on their own particular needs. 

Wellness House can only continue to provide this critical programming to people living with cancer because of the support and generosity of people like you and me.  I am well aware that during this challenging time there are many worthy causes that are depending on us for support.  If the free cancer support programs that Wellness House provides to individuals in the Chicagoland area, hold a special place in your heart, please consider joining my team, The CELLA-Brators.  If you can't participate but would like to make a donation, that would be great at well!


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