2021 Walk for Wellness House

Favorite Irish Lasses

My family and I are Walking for Wellness House on Sunday May 2.
Please join-

This photo takes me back to simpler times, growing up with my cousins. When this photo was taken, we did not have a care in the world : ) We didn't know that my aunt and grandmother had breast cancer, a disease that would take their lives. We didn’t know that my sweet cousin, Kathleen, on the left would get that very same disease her mother and grandmother had and also die way to young. We didn't know that our little cousin Margaret would die of breast cancer before she was 30. Our whole family misses them terribly.

We all tried so hard to support them--and we did. But the journey with cancer can be so hard- and there are many ways to make a patient with cancer's days brighter. I wish my family members had access to Wellness House for all the many ways they support and bring joy to people and families affected by cancer.
As a Wellness House board member, I review the programs offered by The Wellness House regularly and there is an amazing array of educational, stress reducing, cooking, exercise etc. opportunities. And the best thing is there's absolutely no charge for all programs and services. The programs are now available well beyond the western suburbs of Chicago with a major focus on helping to achieve cancer health equity.

This was a hard year for everyone, but extremely challenging for people and families impacted by cancer. I am particularly proud that in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wellness House quickly adapted programming to be accessible online, so people affected by cancer can continue to access life-changing programming from the comfort and safety of their homes.

I hope you will join or support my team in memory of my favorite Irish lasses. Your support means will help bring these great free programs to more people affected by cancer.

Good news- this year you do not have to be in Hinsdale to join the walk!
Start and finish wherever you like, in Hinsdale or where you are. It is going to be a beautiful day, so I hope you will consider walking for this good cause.

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