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through the years

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I walk in the memory of my Dad - Chris Palmer. This is a small bit of his "story"

This is not my first time walking for the Wellness House but it is the first year I have the chance to incorporate my dad into the MJ Shining Stars team. This letter will tell my dad's story.
It has been a while since I have sent out a letter,  so just to recap my dad spent his years taking clinical trials before his melanoma became too serious that nothing could slow it down anymore. Although my dad is not with us anymore there are parts of my dad that he has left behind to create his Legacy of Fighters. Over the years, my dad spent his life trying to help doctors find a cure for cancer and then one day they did it. He went into that trial feeling confident, although he went in with Melanoma of the Lungs and in all of his other organs, later that month he came out of that trial with no more melanoma in his lungs they had found a cure. Although it did not cure the rest of his melanoma, that trial had found a cure for Lung Cancer patients such as Football Coach Jeff Renihan of Graceville, Florida. One day my mom got a letter saying that this man had been fighting lung cancer and then he heard of my dads trial. After a lot of pushing and begging they got him in the trial and after that day Coach Renihan was cancer free.

After that letter I realized that the superheroes in the movies that stop a meteor from crashing into the earth or the ones that stop an alien invasion aren’t the only ones that truly matter - its the ones that give their lives to science and find a cure to save millions of people, those are the ones that truly matter.
Although my dad is not here anymore his legacy lives on and we will not stop until Cancer is no more!

This year I am honoring my dad with this walk. The Wellness House is very important to my family, as we also walk in the memory of my new siblings Mom - MJ Jones. In 2015, my mom married David Jones and along with his triplets, we became a family. In January of 2016, Dave adopted me and now I have the honor of having 2 really great Dads. I know my Dad, Chris, looks down from heaven and smiles at my life these days. I find that his spirit lives in the soul of a dragonfly - as "if your feeling down and you see a dragonfly then he is with you helping you through hard times". I walk for him! 

Thank you for supporting me - always,


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