Welcome to my Walk Page!

This is my sixth year participating in the Walk for Wellhess House.  Wellness House has responded to COVID with more programming, more exercise classes and more connection, via ZOOM.  This place is amazing for those afflicted and their families.  Wellness House provides all the programming at no cost and is run entirely on donations.  This walk is one of two big fundraisers each year.

As thank you for your donation, I have woven dishtowels.  If you contribute $50, you will receive 2 towels.  I'll ship anywhere!  If you are local and have been vaccinated, I'd love to meet up in person.

Handwoven dishtowels are work horses in the kitchen, wash well and make great gifts. They are one of those rare affordable luxuries!  Here's how it works:  you donate and I get an email from the system.  I'll then contact you (in order) to see which towel set you would like and how to get them to you.  These can't go out until the end of April because my sewing machine is in the shop and they are not completely hemmed.



This is a terrible photo and we can't figure out how to make it better.  If this is your first time seeing the towels, let me know and I'll send you a full size photo.

Here's what I have from left to right:

Crown Royals Team colors!  Sold out

Greens and Blues twills.  Sold out

Bright multi colored twill.  Sold Out

Blue and grey neutrals.  Sold out

I have one final set on the loom, in all the colors of the sunset.  Sold out.