Lets' make a difference together

 Hello Family & Friends,

So many of you know my story and my passion as it relates to helping those affected by/with cancer.

5 YEARS AGO, I was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. It came out of nowhere, no clues, no warnings… It changed my life completely. Having had major brain surgery, then, a massive hematoma that caused a brain bleed which then put me into rehab for many months, from memory loss, speech lost, and motor skill loss, the ability to care for myself was greatly altered. I needed support, family& friends, GOD and so much more.

You might be asking “Why am I telling you this”?

Being a person of faith, this was the one thing that didn’t change for me. I said from the very beginning…
“My cancer was a gift from GOD”. HE chose to give it to me and HE WILL USE IT FOR HIS PURPOSE to grow me in my faith life, to serve others and to be a walking testament of what GOD can do when you “Let go and let GOD” provide for you.

Cancer does not discriminate- male, female, young or old, wealthy or poor… that being said, great strides are being made every day to find a cure (THANK GOD) but there is still much more work to be done which is why I’m sharing this with you.

Please let me introduce you to The Wellness House

The Wellness House opened in 1990 with a single mission: To better the lives of people living with cancer and the people close to them. Today, they offer a variety of programs and service from exercise classes, nutrition seminars, support groups, and so much more — that complement the treatment from doctors and specialists. It’s a whole-person approach to healing and it’s offered at no cost. They do this thru grants, volunteers, fundraisers, and donations from people like YOU!

I will be hosting a team again this year. The name of my team is Tess Journey of Hope

I welcome anyone who would like to walk with us- jump on board or anyone who would like to make a donation to please visit my page at Walk for Wellness House, team name -Tess Journey of Hope - You can join the team directly on site under team roster. My goal is to raise $500 or more for this amazing non for profit organization.

Website; wellnesshouse.org
Date of walk: Sunday, May 5th rain or shine
Team name Tess Journey of Hope Why Journey of Hope you might ask…

Journey of Hope is Christian based support group that I started 2 years ago in Lemont, IL
It’s open to everyone! We meet the third Monday of every month- 6:30- 8:15 pm. Its’ for those walking thru the journey and we encourage caregivers, families and friends to attend. It is a place of love & HOPE for all!
Lemont Journey of Hope- feel free to check us out or contact me if you have any questions
tdavoren1@gmail.com for more information

God bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart!