Wellness House Fundraiser for Christy

As you are probably already know - but apologies if this is new information to you - my girlfriend Christy was diagnosed with bi-lateral stage 2 breast cancer in January of 2017.

Christy has been amazing throughout this ordeal, and she continues to maintain a very positive attitude.  She is fortunate to have such great support systems including her family, friends and co-workers, and also through programs at Wellness House in Hinsdale.

You cannot put a price on what Wellness House provides, so they don't! Thanks to the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations which provide gifts to Wellness House, there's absolutely no charge for all programs and services.

I am participating in the “2020 Walk for Wellness House” on May 3rd because I know how important support and community has been for Christy, as well as for other people impacted by cancer, and I want to do my part to ensure that others have access to the life-changing programs and services provided at Wellness House.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider making a small donation to help me & Christy reach our fundraising goals. Your contribution will assist in supporting Wellness House programs and services, which are led by experts, and designed to prepare and empower people to fully live life with cancer.

Thank you!