2018 Walk for Wellness House

Team Morrison

Kim, Pete, Ellie, Andy, Ben, Mary Kate, Abby, Nate

For the past 5 years, Kim Morrison, has been a Wellness House volunteer at The Courtyard in Hinsdale. If you haven’t shopped there, stop in and say hi. She works on Tuesdays. She always thought she understood their mission: a very fun consignment and donation shop benefiting Wellness House helping people living with cancer. In her wildest dreams, she never imagined herself needing the services of Wellness House. Now she does.  

On December 1st, Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was 25 days before Christmas and 60 days before Ben and Mary Kate's wedding in January. There is never a good time for cancer, but obviously, if we could, all of us would have chosen a different month!

During this very difficult and confusing period, Wellness House walked by her side. They offered informational, emotional, educational and physical support. And gently held her hand. We will be forever gratefulOur family journey has just begun. The support Wellness House provides our family cannot be measured. Suffice it to say, when Kim walks through the doors of Wellness House, she does feel better inside.

Wellness House has been doing this important work with families for more than 28 years and is able to provide critical support services at no cost thanks to many generous donors.

It is our turn to give back to Wellness House and we welcome this opportunity.  So, we hope you will join us in our Walk For Wellness.  We would love to see your smiling face, on Sunday, May 6th at 8am in Hinsdale.  But if not, please consider making a donation with our expanding family, Kim, Pete, Ellie, Andy, Ben, Mary Kate, Abby and Nate to support Wellness House as Team Morrison! 

Thank you and be well, 

The Morrison Family

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