2018 Walk for Wellness House

Protect The Family Jewels
Protect The Family Jewels

Lady Brenda's Loyal Court

Welcome to our Team Page!

We walk in memory of our good friend Brenda Collins Szczepkowski. She was a wonderful person and we miss her very much. Brenda was a volunteer massage therapist at Wellness House, and she continued to visit Wellness House for support after her own cancer diagnosis. Brenda also recommended Wellness House to our friend Terri Janecko who is now cancer free and a member of our team. 

Terri is a cancer survivor who was able to get help and answers at Wellness house. We honor Terri's mother Shirley Robinson who lost her battle with cancer in December 2015. She was a wonderful, kind woman who always had a beautiful smile to greet you.

Last year we walked to support our friend Alison Vorreyer who is winning her fight with cervical cancer.

 This year we walk for Javier who had testicular cancer. Javier would like to remind all the men we love to Check the family jewels once a month.

We are proud to walk for all our friends and family who have been diagnosed with cancer and we're grateful a place like Wellness House exists to give them support.

 No matter how someone has been affected by cancer — maybe they've been diagnosed, have a family member who’s living with cancer, or are a caregiver — everyone is welcome at Wellness House. There, they can learn new skills, get information, and join others when taking classes, practice healthful living, reduce stress, and more. All Wellness House programs and services are led by experts, designed to help participants feel better, at no cost to patients and their families. They offer more than 300 programs each month!

Everything Wellness House does is to prepare and empower people to fully live life with cancer and beyond.

Wellness House has been doing this important work for more than 28 years. They are able to offer these critical services, at no cost to those affected by cancer, thanks to generous support from donors

This cause is very important to me, and I hope you will join me by making a donation or joining my team!

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