2018 Walk for Wellness House

Wellness Walk 2017
Wellness Walk 2017

The Believers

 "The Believers" Team!

Together we can accomplish Anything


It is Spring, where everything is blossoming and a New! It is also time for the Hinsdale House Wellness Walk, Sunday, May 6th.

This is our 10th year committing to and supporting the Walk for the Wellness house. Cancer has been a battle I, nor Larry could  not have faced without their guidance. This Home is a refuge for many! Not only does the Wellness House provide dozens of classes to understand this disease, but it allows people to come together with others going through this disease to support one another during their struggles and frustration.

The Wellness House has been helping others free if charge now for over 25 years, and I would like your support to help keep this legacy going  and free for all.

Please register & join us on the Wellness Walk on May 6th, or donate what you can to keep this amazing resource for all going strong!

Our team, " The Believers" is where you need to go once you log into the website at http://events.wellnesshouse.org/goto/believers2018  We ( myself and the girls)  are hoping to see you there, and thank you for your time and understanding! God Bless you and your families~


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