2018 Walk for Wellness House

Jaunt for Ginny

Wellness House.

Located in Hinsdale, this remarkable place was there for me in 2000 when I had Breast Cancer #1. There for me again in 2007 for Breast Cancer #2. It’s here for me now as I wage war with metastatic melanoma. Three times. Go figure. Am I being tested or is this just a roll of the dice? I don’t know, but I do know Wellness House has helped me all three times – with support groups during and after treatment, with nutrition classes, exercise classes, mindfulness training, meditation, stress management, massage, and lots more.

You might be thinking of the expense of all this support. Here’s the thing. Everything at Wellness House is free not only to me but to my family and friends.

I have quite the history with Wellness House. I first wrote about the idea for it as a journalist with The Doings. Then I was asked to be on the board of directors. Then they hired me fulltime as director of PR for three years. Later they hired GR-PR.

My support group is comprised of men and women who have all different kinds of cancer. It’s not about the type of cancer but more about the experience of learning to live with uncertainty, side effects, and treatments. You start to develop great caring for fellow group-mates. On display is great courage, relief, humor, pluck, and hope. There are disappointments and anxiety, too, about which the other participants offer compassion, concern, and kindness. There’s also warmth and laughter. It’s a safe place to share the darkest thoughts as well as the elation of good news.

The programs offered are beyond valuable, and so are the friends I'm making. What a wonderful place of hope and healing.

Since all programs are offered at no cost, participating in Walk for Wellness (May 6, 2018) by donations of any amount keep the place functioning at the top of its game. If you can give even $5, it helps.

This cause is very important to me, and I hope you will join me by making a donation or joining my team!

I am ever so grateful.


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