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Christmas 2017
Christmas 2017

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Welcome to our Team Page! 

For everyone who knows Mary Alice, you know that you are in the midst of a woman of passion, joy, and love for friends and family!

She has met her cancer fight with these same qualities. It is now that we join her in that fight and in support of the place that has given her support. As she has given to all of us through the years as a friend, neighbor, aunt, mother, nurse, and advisor, let us now give her and the Wellness House support! 

Here is a little of her own personal story:

I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in November 19, 2015. It had metastasized (spread) to the bone and lung at the time of diagnosis. My oncologist, Dr. Albain, said the primary tumor is considered "indolent" or a slow growing tumor, which is how I liked it. Initial treatment included oral medication with relatively few side effects. There was significant improvement in the mass size of the primary tumor, but then plateaued. In July 2017, I began eight weeks of radiation and hyperthermia treatment of the breast mass, which was very successful. A CT scan in September 2017 revealed additional metastasis to my liver. We made adjustments with oral medication and saw some improvement in the liver. Unfortunately, my CT scan in March 2018 indicated growth of the liver tumors as well as increase in size. I received my first dose of IV chemotherapy two hours after I received the news! It was great to start treatment right away.

I can't thank Wellness House enough for the invaluable support for my recovery! Support group, book club, and meaning centered psychotherapy have helped me through my journey over the last five months. Shared experiences with my group members have made this journey less frightening. Knowing that you are with people who understand without having to explain, even finishing each other's sentences, means the world. I'm happy to support Wellness Group and all of its incredible programming. 

No matter how someone has been affected by cancer — maybe they've been diagnosed, have a family member who’s living with cancer, or are a caregiver — everyone is welcome at Wellness House. There, they can learn new skills, get information, and join others when taking classes, practice healthful living, reduce stress, and more. All Wellness House programs and services are led by experts, designed to help participants feel better, at no cost to patients and their families. They offer more than 300 programs each month!

Everything Wellness House does is to prepare and empower people to fully live life with cancer and beyond.

Wellness House has been doing this important work for more than 28 years. They are able to offer these critical services, at no cost to those affected by cancer, thanks to generous support from donors

This cause is very important to me, and I hope you will join me by making a donation or joining my team!

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