2021 Walk for Wellness House

Thrivers of 2018! Great team! <3
Thrivers of 2018! Great team! <3


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No matter how someone has been affected by cancer — maybe they've been diagnosed, have a family member who’s living with cancer, or are a caregiver — you're welcome at Wellness House. Learn new skills, get information, and join others when you take classes, practice healthful living, reduce stress, and more. All Wellness House programs and services are led by experts, designed to prepare and empower you to fully live life with cancer. All at no cost to you.

This place is so important for people with cancer or have a loved one touched by it. It has made a big difference in my life. This is the 30th annivesary of the Wellness House. Please help this special place


Everything Wellness House does is to prepare and empower people to fully live life with cancer and beyond.


Wellness House experts, specialists and programs focus on individual needs of people through every step of cancer - before, during and after treatment.


The welcoming, encouraging feeling starts the moment you walk into one of the programs. Wellness House is designed to give you back the strength, community and control that cancer can take away.


You can't put a price on what Wellness House provides. So we don't. Thanks to the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations that provide gifts to Wellness House, there's absolutely no charge for all programs and services.


I hope you will join me by making a donation to help me reach my fundraising goals but more importantly to support help people in our community and around Chicagoland fully live life with cancer and beyond.


Thank you!

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