2021 Walk for Wellness House

MJ Shining Starts 2017
MJ Shining Starts 2017

MJ Shining Stars

Welcome to the MJ Shining Stars Team Page!

Cancer can feel overwhelming, for patients and their families.  It can be confusing and frightening.  Fortunately, when it comes to living with cancer, Wellness House is there. 

The welcoming, encouraging feeling starts the moment you walk in the door.  They aren’t located in a hospital or an office building.  Rather, they are in a warm, friendly home in a neighborhood where you will find caring people with the expertise and eagerness to help. Their hope is that people will feel less alone, more informed, and more empowered to take on the challenge of facing cancer.

With support groups, exercise and nutrition classes, social events, and much, much more, Wellness House is designed to give back the strength, community, and control that cancer can take away.  Since you can’t put a price on these things, they don’t either - there’s absolutely no charge for all of the programs and services that they offer.

MJ was not only a participant at the Wellness House but also a strong supporter.  The House helped MJ Thrive with Cancer.  MJ also wanted others to thrive and that is why family and friends...the MJ Shining Stars...also support the House and this Walk.

One of MJ's last journey's from home while dying from cancer was to attend the walk in 2011. MJ has been gone 9 years now but her legacy lives on.  Part of that legacy is the support you give to the House. 

Again this year, we are also walking in memory of Chris Palmer.  Chris, Marshall’s father, died after a 10 year battle with several cancers ending with metastatic melanoma in September of 2011.  Interestingly, but not surprising for MJ, MJ and Jenny met by email during Chris’ illness,  sharing advice …some of which MJ learned at the House.  Chris, like MJ, touched an amazing number of lives, with Jenny and Chris raising several hundred thousand dollars for the American Cancer Society through their annual fundraising efforts and leadership of Relay for Life.  Now, as the Jones 6, we can think of no better way to honor, remember and help others in memory of MJ and Chris thru combining our family efforts and participating in the Walk for Wellness!


 Thank you so much for shining with us!



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