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Our Story

In 1990, we started Wellness House with a single mission: to better the lives of people living with cancer and the people close to them. Today, we offer a variety of programs and services –– exercise classes, nutrition seminars, support groups, and more –– that complement the treatment from your doctors and specialists. It’s a whole-person approach to healing, and it’s all free of charge thanks to the support of generous donors - like those who support the Walk for Wellness House!

Living with cancer is complicated

Getting a cancer diagnosis can be stressful for you, your family, and friends. You just want to feel better –– and that may be its own challenge.

That’s where Wellness House can help. We’re here to meet your needs –– to listen, teach, guide, and empower. We take a psychosocial approach to healing, accounting for all aspects that affect how you’re doing, beyond medical care. There’s no right or wrong, just what works for you.  

For cancer patients and their family and friends, it’s difficult to cope with worry and stress brought about by diagnosis, demanding treatments, and what comes after. These emotional effects can lead to unexpected challenges in work and home life, possibly even impacting the success of treatment and recovery. We get this challenge. Together, we’ll help you adapt to your new normal.

Let’s find what works for you

We offer access to a variety of therapies, treatments, and techniques that can help you heal. No matter who you are, we’ll work toward wellness –– your way. What you need may change, and your voice is important. All our programs and services are created and run based on oncology evidence and research and expert staff knowledge.

WBW MapWhere you can find us

Our main location is at 131 N County Line Rd in Hinsdale.  Because we believe in living a fulfilling life with cancer, we are dedicated to expanding our geographic footprint.  We are developing partnerships and offering remote Wellness House programs in communities throughout metro Chicago to reach more people where they live and work. This initiative is a testament to our innovative program development, as we endeavor to serve even more people affected by cancer. We are bringing our services to communities and participants who face barriers to receiving services at our main location in Hinsdale. View a larger map here.


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