2021 Walk for Wellness House

Frequently Asked Questions


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Event Questions

Where does the Walk for Wellness House take place?

To protect the health and safety of our community while still giving people the opportunity to gather in person, the Walk for Wellness House will take place at various times and locations throughout the day on May 2, 2021.

Walk registrants will commit to walking 1 mile (or the 10 Step Walk) during 1 hour pre-reserved time slots at the following locations:

  • Walk at Wellness House (131 N. County Line Road, Hinsdale)
  • Walk the Woods (Forest Preserves in Cook and DuPage Counties)
  • Walk Your Way (any location you choose)
Time slots will be spaced so that group size at any one time will not be above the IDPH/CDC recommendations for outdoor gatherings. Everyone registered on this site will receive an invitation to reserve their TIME AND LOCATION in April 2021. Check back in March for a listing of Cook/DuPage Forest Preserve locations for the Walk

When is the Walk for Wellness House?

The Walk will take place throughout the day on Sunday, May 2, 2021. Starting in April, you will receive an invitation to reserve a time slot and locations when and where you will be doing the Walk (along with your team or anyone registered with you).

Is it a Walk or a Run?

We are challenging all registrants to walk 1 mile on May 2, 2021. As long as safety and social distancing protocols are met, registrants may choose to run or complete a distance other than 1 mile, based on their own preferences and abilities. If you are planning to walk more than 1 mile, please send an email to walk@wellnesshouse.org so we can record your additional miles on our overall tally! For those who are not able to walk 1 mile, the 10 Step Walk will be available as always.

I can't attend the event. Can I still fundraise for Wellness House?
Absolutely! You can "Walk a Mile" from anywhere, and in any way you would like! A fundraising page will be created for you when you complete the registration process.  Anyone who registers for the Walk will receive a long-sleeve t-shirt. We loved seeing pictures of people all over the country doing the Walk when our event was virtual last year.  Don't let geography or your travel plans discourage you from making a difference for Wellness House!

How much does it cost to participate?

Registration is $30 per person, and all registrants will receive a long sleeve t-shirt. There are extra incentives for individiaul and teams that reach fundraising milestones.

What is the 10 step walk?

Wellness House is mindful that many individuals are not physically up to walking 1 mile and we celebrate each step with a symbolic "10 Step Walk". Every person, and every step counts toward our collective goal of 3,000 miles.

What is Wellness House?

Wellness House envisions a community where all people affected by cancer thrive.  Offered at no cost, and as a complement to medical treatment, our programs educate, support and empower participants so they will improve their physical and emotional well-being. You can learn more about Wellness House here.

How will we get our T-shirts?

T-shirts will be distributed from Wellness House in Hinsdale via curbside pickup during the last week in April (the week before the Walk). We will invite registrants to pick up t-shirts by last name/Team name to avoid over crowding on any particular time slot. 

Can I have a team for this year's Walk?

Absolutely! While health and safety are our number one priority, we also want to provide a live, in-person experience for the Walk this year. Teams are the largest source of revenue for the event each year, and we know how important it is to continue that tradition. We can't gather together all at one time and place, but we are confident that teams will be able to walk together while social distancing, throughout the day, at their choice of locations.

When the invitation to reserve a time and location for the walk goes out in April, we suggest that Team Captains reserve a timeslot for their whole team, rather than requiring each person to reserve their own time and location. That way, you can ensure that your team will be doing the walk together. This means that if you want everyone to walk together, you should try your best to have everyone registered prior to April 1, 2021!

How do we pick our time and location where we will be doing the Walk?

Public health guidelines are likely to change before the Walk, so we are waiting for more information before opening up the reservation process for time and location. Team Captains and individual registrants will receive an email in early April inviting you to reserve your time and location on a separate reservation website.

We will have as many time slots and locations as we need to ensure that groups gathering at any one time/place do not exceed those limitations set forth by Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). While we cannot guarantee that every person who registers for the Walk will be able to participate at their first choice location/time, we will have enough options available to accomodate everyoneReservations will be first come/first serve, so we encourage you (and your team members) to register here before April 1, 2021 so that you can reserve your time and place at the earliest opportunity to ensure the greatest chance of your first choice time/location.

People who register on this website after April 1 will be asked to select their time and location after those who have registered in February or March.

"Walk Your Way" is an option that provides the greatest flexibility - you choose the time AND place where you do the Walk, in Illinois, or anywhere you may be! 


How do I register for the Walk for Wellness House online?

On the Menu or button at the top of your screen, click REGISTER. You can select to register as an individual, join a team, or create a team.  

If you are a returning user (you have participated in the Walk in the past), you will be able to login with your previous year's login and password. If you don't remember that, just click the link under the LOG IN button that says "Email me my login info" and an email with your username and password reset link will be sent to you. YOU MUST USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS YOU USED IN THE PRIOR YEAR'S WALK.

If you wish to register a spouse or children, you can do this as part of your transaction on step 5, "add family member."  He/she will have his/her own username and password, along with a fundraising page.  Please note if you use the same email address for each person you register, you will receive multiple confirmation emails at that same address.

Once your transaction is complete, you will receive a confirmation email receipt. 


I tried to register using my username/password from the 2019 Walk and it's not working. Why don't they work?
The first option is to click the link under the LOG IN button that says "Email My Login Info" (use the same email address you used in the prior year's Walk). When you receive that email you can reset your password.

If that does not work, please contact the Walk for Wellness House team at walk@wellnesshouse.org or at 630-654-5112 and we can help get you registered.

Here is a Guide for Returning Team Captains.


What happens once I’ve registered?
A personal fundraising page will be automatically created for all registered walkers/runners. If you are part of a group that is forming a team, the team captain must register first so that you can choose to connect to the team.  The team captain will receive his/her own fundraising page and will also be in charge of creating the team fundraising page.   All team member web pages will be linked to the team web page where all donation totals will be aggregated toward the overall fundraising goal.  

Please use this guide if you need help customizing your personal or team fundraising page.


I forgot my Username and Password.  How can I find out what they are?  
Remember that your username and password are case sensitive.  Click here to go to the login screen.  Click on the green login button in the top right of the homepage. Follow the links for "forgot my password/email my login information." If you have additional questions, please contact us at walk@wellnesshouse.org or at 630-654-5112.


Is my registration fee a donation?  Do I have to raise $300?
Your registration fee is not considered a charitable donation to Wellness House. The IRS states the tax deductible amount is limited to the excess of any dollar amount contributed, less the value of goods and/or services provided by Wellness House. In exchange for your registration fee, you receive an event t-shirt and the event experience. Therefore, the registration fee is not tax deductible.

All donations over and above the registration fee are charitable gifts that will help to support Wellness House programs.  Our goal is that each walker/runner raise $300; however, it is not a requirement to participate. 

All donations that others make to support you or your team are 100% tax deductible; only your registration fee is NOT tax deductible.




I received some check/cash donations. How do I get those to Wellness House?
Please mail any offline donations (checks/cash) to the address below. Be sure to include a note with your name so we can apply the funds to your fundraising total.  Make sure the donor information is complete on the check so we can issue a tax receipt.  Checks should be made payable to Wellness House. We will continue receiving donations for the Walk (online or otherwise) until the end of our fiscal year: June 30, 2021.


Walk for Wellness House
131 N. County Line Rd
Hinsdale, IL 60521


I am uncomfortable asking friends and family to donate.  Can you give me ideas?

Wellness House programs are offered free of charge to all people impacted by cancer, but only because of generous individuals like you, as well as corporate and foundation partners. We rely on the support of our community to continue to be here for people who need us. Donations can be any amount, and are all fully tax deductible. You choose who you ask and in what way, whether you ask via email, social media post or in person. And remember, you are not asking for a handout. You are asking your loved ones to support people affected by cancer, who need Wellness House programming now more than ever. We are all in this together.


Can friends and family make a donation to a walker/runner by going through the main website?
Yes.  Direct them to this site.  Just tell them to search for your name in the top left of the screen where it says "SEARCH PARTICIPANTS".  That way the donation will be credited to you. You can also send them the link from your personal or team fundraising page and they can click on the donate button on that page.   


Someone donated to me and they don’t show up on my webpage.
Your donor may have selected , “I wish to remain anonymous” when s/he donated to your web page.  The donor may have donated to your team (in which case they would not show up on your personal page, but would appear on the team page). 

You may also call Wellness House (630-654-5112) or email us at walk@wellnesshouse.org and staff can search for the donation and apply it to your page, at the donor’s request.



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Can't find the answer you need? Contact us at 630-654-5112 or walk@wellnesshouse.org