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In 1990, we started Wellness House with a single mission: to better the lives of people living with cancer and the people close to them. Today, we offer a variety of programs and services — exercise classes, nutrition seminars, support groups, and more — that complement the treatment from doctors and specialists. It’s a whole-person approach to healing, and it’s offered at no cost to participants thanks to the support of generous donors - like those who support the Walk for Wellness House!

Living with cancer is complicated

Living with cancer is complicated. A diagnosis is stressful, and can bring up difficult emotions: feeling alone, confused, or overwhelmed. Medical care focuses on treating the body, but can leave other aspects unaccounted for.

We take a psychosocial approach, taking care of social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological needs. Participants may need someone to listen, teach, guide, or empower them — and that’s where we come in.

Studies show that when psychosocial needs are met for a person affected by cancer, there are positive benefits, like reduced anxiety, stress, depression, and decreased symptoms. 

Where you can find us

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We’re helping people all over metro Chicago. You can always find us at The Kay & Mike Birck Home of Hope, our Hinsdale home base, but we have been facilitating programs, classes, and groups online since the start of the pandemic and look forward to re-opening our doors for in person progamming in the near future! You can find more information here.


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